Zero Knowledge Proof for Verification for Libra Coin

Can something like " Zero-Knowledge Proof" be used by Libra coin as a standardized protocol for Libra Wallets?

This would eliminate the possibility of hacking/stealing/misusing critical information about specific users whilst still following protocols required by law?

If any company can pull it off at a huge scale would be Facebook?

Once they allow to deploy smart contract then zk can be implemented. But even without zero knowledge, transactions can be made anonymous. There are no user related information that will be stored in Libra blockchain.

zk at a contract level can be implemented yes, but at the cost of paying way more gas. If built in inside VM is way more efficient reducing unnecessary gas costs. Same as Ethereum, the VM is not targeted to run those kind of computations and we waste gas on things that if implemented at VM level would be way cheaper.

I like @blockchaindxb proposal to have protocol level ZK available. :+1:

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Iā€™m also interested to the topic. @Juan-cc do you have any link regarding the Ethereum implementations? Are you referring to Iden3?

Hi @lorepieri8, I was mainly referring to Aztec protocol that works on top of Ethereum. Check out their repo here:

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