Will Facebook let Europe kill Libra?

It is well known that Europe (through France) is only able to compete by sucking life out of Africa through the colonial currencies tightly controlled by Europe.

It then stands to reason that Europe will not let the Libra dream come to existence. Already France is vehemently calling upon the central bank to act: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-18/france-calls-for-central-bank-review-of-facebook-cryptocurrency

What is the Facebook plan?


From this to killing it there’s a long way. I think the main idea is to try and use the immense leverage of Libra partners to try and move it in a regulated space, maybe created ad hoc.

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Let us support FB and Libra. ECU is part of the problem! Destroy the central banks and everything that looks like it.

Al comienzo será algo confuso. Pero la contundencia de Facebook y sus socios hará que Libra tenga una gran aceptacion

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