Why libra under attack?

libra under attack , senator Sherrod Brown , Martha McSally and others
attaked the libra at a US hearing Brown said : The company had showed “through scandal after scandal that it doesn’t deserve our trust”
Martha McSally Said “Instead of cleaning up your house you are launching into a new business model.”
It is clear that the new currency increases their fear every day :anguished:
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Libra attached to Facebook population, is more or less taken over one of the world population and economy, Facebook is world populated social networking platform with different companies and market place like Amazon, so Facebook attached to libra coin is a tret to the world government and the enconomy system of the government and their monetary policy, so libra will be forced to be regulated, if attached with Facebook. for it to be easily acceptable by the government. I think that is the problem at my point of view…if am wrong drop it.