Why is there always a Miscellaneous Error when I use standard libraries on local testnet?

I have a script ‘new.move’ like this:

script {
use Std::Debug;
fun main(a: u64){

Then I complile it.

diem% d c /root/new.move /root/diem/language/move-stdlib/nursery /root/diem/language/move-stdlib/modules

and it shows that:

Successfully compiled a program at:

But when I want to execute that, there is a Miscellaneous Error:

diem% d e 1 /tmp/32c12de8844ebed920e970bd9bde3b04/scripts/main.mv 3

transaction failed to execute; status: MiscellaneousError!

How can I solve this problem?

I met the same problem. AndI guess this may be related to native functions such as print() .If the program contains dependencies on standard modules such as Std::Debug , it cannot be published.@sam How to solve this problem?