Where is transaction timestamp?

I cant seem to find a way to get transaction time stamp. There is tx expiration time stamp, but not original time stamp for a transaction. Any ideas?

It’s not available in the current iteration, but should be added for future versions

Strange. seems like a fundamental feature… Was that by design or oversight?

i know this was brought up before by @Diskin if i recall correctly. It does make it difficult for explorers though :wink: to track the time stamp correctly

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@bmaurer who is the tech lead for Calibra says that access to block timestamp for past blocks will be added in future versions. For now, if you want to guesstimate a block time you have two options:

  1. the default transaction expiration is set to +100 or something like that (see my thread with Ben below of the link to the code in the Libra client). naturally this doesn’t guarantee anything as the expiration can be changed if you want to and there are blocks like that…
  2. you can access block time for the latest block. If you save it for every block you see by sampling quickly + assume blocks in between are between the last block you saved the timestamp for and the current one you see you can also estimate with a low error margin

Here is the thread I had on this previously:

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