Where is the grammar specification file of move language?

The grammar specification of Move IR can be found at

But, I can’t find the grammar file of move source language.

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Thanks for the question!

Unfortunately, we do not yet have one. This is due to the fact that the source language has been changing so frequently over the past 6 months, that it hasn’t really been worth the effort to document.


  • If you wan’t to get a vague understanding of the syntax, there are some comments annotating the AST in language/move-lang/src/parser/ast.rs
  • If you wan’t a more mechanical understanding of the grammar, there are grammar comments in the parser in language/move-lang/src/parser/syntax.rs
  • Over the coming months, we will likely release something more formal like you are looking far as we ramp up documentation efforts for the source language
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We just dropped some new developer docs here –-hope this helps!