When will the (ICO) (ITO) Libra coin (LBR) coin pre-sales start

I want to know if anyone has a date or is there a set date for the (ICO) ( ITO) Libra coin (LBR) COIN, pre-sales to get in early and buy at its lowest or even on sale, in hopes that in the very begining when it 1st hits I’m assuming ( COINBASE) since they are one of the super partners that paid $100,0000000 to be on the board of share/stake holders or any other exchange that there will be enough volatility to make some profit on the coin as the pumpers and dumpers start riding it in hopes for a quick 10-20x in a very very short period, but I read that it’s gonna be like a stable coin so they will attempt to keep the initial price to stand and hold so for us traders or HODLERS, there may be no point to try and ride the all awaited pump but it questions can they really hold it stable and keep it from going volatile with supply and demand fundamentals something we don’t see a lot of now adays in the paper silver or paper gold market where Algos and derivative and manipulation and suppression’s have made every silver stacker turn HODLER, including me but I’m also a creator/designer of silver coins so I don’t just rely on the spot price but the premiums on how nice, creative, unique and low mintage my coin designs are, anyway so my real question do u think buying Libra at presales can make you money once listed on a exchange in hopes the coin will mooon, or will they keep it stable and not pumpable only dumbable? Jason Scott ( AGSILVERDOJO.COM)