What languages does the developer develop in Python, JavaScript, C, go, Nodejs, or etc.?

I’m wondering about the languages connected Move language and Libra.

What kind of tools are developers using for Libra development?

Hi Won_biin,
By using proto libraries in other languages, you should be able to connect fairly easily to testnet using whatever your preferred language is.
There has been no official release of non-Rust clients, though community members have already begun to develop their own.

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Hi Libra_moderator1,
Thank you for the reply. I am preparing a curriculum for people who want to learn new libra in my country, and I also have a training for beginners. I wanted to guide them in what language they should start with, which is good and easy to access. Where are you from?

Hi @Won_biin, if I’m understanding you correctly, you’re asking what language Libra is written in? Libra is written in Rust and the Move language is somewhat similar to Rust syntax as well