What I want to make - Escrow move contract on Libra

Hi there,
With internet of money and potential mainstream adoption, automated conditional use cases based on physical IRL events can finally be possible.
A real problem IRL today is no show ( aka ‘not fulfilled reservation’).

So i’ve i wish to implement this on testnet,

is that possible today ? If not, what is missing ?

I understand this is pretty barebones application schema, but this adds value.
IRL : in real life

Cheers !

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Hi Lucas. I read in the docs that “Custom Move programs are not supported in the initial testnet release, but these features are available for you to try out locally.”

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Dear Lucas hi,
My understanding of Escrow services in FX trades and OTC transactions will certainly give those who enter into these service line an edge, considering 1st mover advantages,the control and currency exchange values and it’s attending various possibilities, besides fluctuations and availability. I certainly hope you can provide a Libra blockchain certified website with references from partners and satisfied users…

The benefits for miners and individuals to convert there crypto-currencies and fiat cash and the options of transfer over Facebook and other Libra platform would be the focus of your escrow sales and being careful of the major players in the industry.

I believe the team at Libra Association and Wallet developers and Plibra.io team would love the idea without conflicting with other traditional Libra and Calibra services especially within Regions that resists Libra an Escrow services by citizens and registered businesses would be allowed avenues to sell and provide basis for Libra within these restricted territories…
Am interested considering the accessible services without calling the attention from currency regulators and investment instruments like bonds and stocks cheques being used as accepted to purchase travelers cheques and topping credit cards etc.


Nice proposition for exchange platform