Well Libra I think is a try at global governance

You can’t stop progress!
You can’t make a blind man see, either.

I’m worried about the slow but steady corruptionisatin of the wholl thing. Eventually coming under direct control of a fool or a brute. And, how to defend against that power?

Once you start to ease down on concepts such as Sovereignity of a Country, once you ease up the wholl past doctrine which most of us judge good… And you start the boat, going i an unknown direction without it having a kill switch or an end date…
Then you make it realistic to imagine a really bad man f****ng it all up. The wholl of our ancestors work - used for one mans’ whims. Well…
Let’s just reenact the institute of slavery, and let’s just get all the women back to the kitchen and harems. Let’s get it over with and just do it straight away.

And as we’re re at it… Let’s also have freedom of speach renamed into a freedom of thought. Why speak at all…

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You are right I approve your expose as during the Pandemic people are just talking of the fear or a universal dictatorship. Blockchain technology has been created as a decentralised mode of payment and we should fear regulatory conditions?

Libra please list to market

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