We stills need more devs join to edulibra.org projects

Dear friends.

Now we have cool Idea and created the project that we want to:

  1. Research Libra network.
  2. Working to create new education platform base on Libra network and focus on the Libra Community.
  3. Create education payment platform that use in the schools and education industry.

Next year, when Libra mainnet live, we want the project can ready to live with Libra network.

So, for now, we need devs join to this project to contribute some module.

We will have ratio of token for devs team when ICO time start.
For now, we trying to work hard to get some early investors.
That is not good at this time because the devs will be work without salary.
I hope that we can have product asap. We will quickly gain attention from investors.

Now, we need more devs to join the devs team.
Our main technologies for web and mobile will be: Nodejs, react, mongo, mysql, redis.
for blockchain Libra, we wellcome people can join to research the smart contract to integration with education platform

Office site: http://edulibra.org
Product site: https://onchaindemy.com [not available now]
Discordapp: https://discord.gg/hCH6NMz
Telegram: https://t.me/edulibra

Thank you!

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Interesting, I could help with the NodeJs.

Thank you,
Can you join our channel on the Discord? https://discord.gg/hCH6NMz
We have some devs on this channel and we will discuss about the feature.
For now, our team a build the project structure and will public the source code to the github soon.
thank you!

Hello i have a very grab of the Nigerian Educational system and would love to follow through because of my country…