We built a testnet that can deploy and execute contracts.

Hi all, we have built a libra testnet that can publish & execute contracts. BTW, we are now working hard to build explorer and online IDE. Through IDE, everyone can compile, publish and execute contract. Through the explorer, everyone can check transaction and account information.

We will announce our products in the coming week and welcome everyone to use it.


That’s so great! Will you bind the Testnet to some specified versions/branches? Or will you create several Testnets? Is there one explorer you prefer or do you want to make a poll for the explorer? Having an IDE would be very cool, but deployment with CLI should be possible as well.
Thanks for your efforts!

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Our IDE integrates the compile, deploy, and execute contract, and it will be better than the CLI in experience.

Just out of curiosity, which languages for your IDE?

…better than CLI in experience

I assumed so, but for automization/continuous integration etc. it would be great to have a CLI option as well. But if you provide an externally (publicly) available endpoint URL that should be no issue.

Any news on this one? As we just had a breaking change without announcement before, it gets more and more urgent for the existing clients to have some alternative. Would be great to have some kind of roadmap / schedule for this.