UseCase Tools (knowledge equity systems?)

Working on related considerations: Micropayments, Knowledge Economy & related considerations

Stakeholders need to evaluate complex & innovative use-cases relating to libra as a new financial instrument ecosystem.

Concerns and issues are likely to include;

  1. KYC/AML
  2. Document Storage & Accounting
  3. Credentials (permissive transactions, noting (2))

Use-cases are likely to be multi-facing in nature. incorporating needs for multiple stakeholders, whereby risks, concerns, requirements, objections may be raised based on a particular ‘stakeholder’ view for any one use-case.

A way to address this accelerated ‘innovation pipeline’ may be to produce a ‘use-case’ tool, that makes use of graph tech; as to form a community knowledge base that can be contributed towards as to process and innovate solutions to use-cases / user-stories.


There are an array of seemingly ‘simplified’ communications in the media which appears to lead to a misunderstanding of the broad socio-economic opportunity brought about by the libra initiative. Crowd-sourcing innovation pipeline works may assist to expand the ‘world view’ of what these works may do in terms of supporting the economic needs of humanity, incorporating means to address issues like web slavery (unpaid work performed by those entirely unacknowledged for their work - which is an innovation by comparison to older forms of slavery); alongside many others,

As such, community engagement in an ontologically supported approach as to forge a searchable database that is able to be contributed towards by others; is likely in-turn to provide a means to rationalise the ‘opportunity evaluation’ and, amongst other things, the regulatory considerations that could / should be made at this early time.

I note therein; the demo online i saw, noted USD in the site (and Libra worth more than USD). Micropayments provides a means to employ the web (/cyber) market, with critical accounting tooling (if produced) to produce new means to address an issue where it is currently claimed that there is a scarcity of work; when in many cases, its more simply the case that there’s a scarcity of means to pay for work done by people, online (or as is able to be tracked in relation to online systems).

Therein; as is one of many use-cases,

1 baht is worth far less than USD. If Micropayments are not supported (sub 1c USD) does that mean it’ll be supported via foreign currency?

there are many reasonable questions that are as yet, unclear.

producing tooling to help clarify what are sophisticated, multi-tenanted, internationally domestic (in every region) issues; would benefit by being supported by some online tooling to assist with engagement.