University of Geneva course teaching Libra/Move with official European credits

Libra/Move will be taught as part of the blockchain course at the University of Geneva with official ECTS credits. Although it is too late to register to the full Certificate of Advanced Studies, it is still possible to register to the Module 4 with Libra/Move sessions by Libra experts (in contact with Libra General Secretary in Geneva, Bertrand Perez). This Module give 2 European credits (ECTS) if successfully passed. The courses are in English and if you can’t be in Geneva, they are streamed/recorded on Skype for the students and happen on Fridays (9am-1pm / 2pm-6pm Geneva time, 5 Fridays) and Saturdays mornings (9am-1pm, 2 Saturday mornings). For example, we’ve got a student from Tokyo following Module 1. All the best, Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur, CAS Blockchain Director Full information here: