Tutorial my first Transaction

Hey Guys,
I was trying the tutorial my first transaction of the documentation.
First I set up “Run a Local Test Validator Network” this worked with a few errors.
Then I did the " Creating Our Coin" I was also able to due this. But there are also a few errors ( like sometimes it is 0x2 Coin and in the next document it is 0x1)
After that I tried the “My first transaction” the first thing is, that “account create” creates local accounts and not accounts that are persisted and the second thing is that I get an error when trying to mint.
The error is:
diem% account mint 0 100 Coin1
[ERROR] Error transferring coins from faucet: Unable to get currency info for Coin1 when converting to on-chain units
Do you know what I can do to 1) create persisted accounts and 2) to mint something without an error?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It works with XUS. I found out by trying. :smiley:
Coin1 and Coin or Diem didn´t work