Transaction limits and fees


Is the amount of Libra exchanged for the fiat currencies going to be limited per user, per day?
Is exchanging libras for fiats, or the other way around going to be a subject to fees?



They make money from interest of underlying assets which purchased using your money. So it will be minimum or no transaction cost


The closest I could find: “With the presence of a competitive group of liquidity providers that interface with the reserve, users can have confidence that any coin they hold can be sold for fiat currency at a narrow spread above or below the value of the underlying assets.”

So it seems similar to bitcoin/ethereum - you might need to use an exchange/liquidity provider to exchange your Libra for Fiat. However, because of the low volatility due to the fact that Libra is asset backed by the Libra reserve, the spread is kept lower than with Bitcoin.

You might find this more detailed whitepaper useful:

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