Testnet Validator Nodes

As per “My first Transaction” the mint command issues a mint request to a testnet node.
Where are these nodes hosted? Is it possibile to tinker around with them? Are they already hosted by the same companies that are partners of the Libra Association?


I guess the public testnet is not available currently. You are running a self-hosted node.

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The testnet nodes are hosted on a cloud provider and are presently being run by the Libra Association. It’s possible to interact with them via the CLI client or you can run a local testnet using: https://developers.libra.org/docs/my-first-transaction#run-a-local-validator-node to play with the nodes locally.


Can we connect our node to the main testnet?

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Hi Mohammed, that is not currently supported, but you are free to run your own nodes locally to create your own network


YES I tried fully , in testnet documents
minting transfer
What’s next , integrate with other nodes?

in case of bitcoin, ethereum
there’s bootnode information, what first connect and get peer informations.

in libra testnet , where can I get information and it is interact with others node?

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what is the support to be expected to this testnet ? will it be maintained and it’s blocks conserved to eternity ?

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replying to myself

  • We will push a daily release of the testnet at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Initially, this will reset the state of the testnet on each push. As the project stabilizes, we anticipate moving to a weekly cadence and preserving the content of the testnet at each release.

source here https://developers.libra.org/blog/2019/06/18/the-path-forward