Testnet update scheduled for July 10th with breaking changes

We’d like to let you know about two breaking changes that were committed to Github:

There will be a new validator push on Wednesday, July 10th. After the push, newly built clients will work without issue but older clients will see parsing errors. If you see these parsing errors, please pull the latest code and rebuild your client.

We’ll also be clearing the database as well.

A bit more detail:
These two commits changed the Protobuf definition of AdmissionControl public API and they are not backward compatible. A client built with these two commits (new clients) are still able to submit transactions to the testnet.

The issue from the validator is that it will fail to parse the SubmitTransactionResponse from the validator with an error ‘Codec(WireError(UnexpectedWireType(WireTypeVarint)))’ regardless of the actual transaction status (e.g. accepted or rejected) because the testnet validators are still using the old Protobuf definition. A client built with old code (without those two commits) does not have any issues.


This has been completed!