Testnet Push Announcement

Hey everyone, just a quick heads up we just released a new testnet version with an updated consensus_peers.config.toml file, so if you were using the old one you will need to update.


Thank you for this update.


02000000 - TransactionPayload
20000000 - 32 (Address len)
a7 46 9f e0 32 00 42 7b 87 e1 3d fb 09 1a 44 da 50 af 4b 5a c0 aa 42 98 75 f5 65 12 3b 71 8f 0e - Address
b2 87 0d 04 5f 99 05 00 - Where can I find what is it ? (but It isn’t the sequence_number: u64)
If you send me Git hub link, it would be great

Thank you for your help :+1:

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Thanks for the heads up

It seems that the Testnet is reset again, and the faucet service is abnormal.

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thanks for your heads-up.

We had an internal misconfiguration after the deploy which should be resolved now, can you try again?

The Testnet and faucet service is OK now.

There are too many BlockMetadata transactions in Testnet.
And we got a lot of random errors like this:

Request failed The other accumulator is bigger than this one.
self.num_leaves: 32042. sub_acc_leaves: 32043.

Pay attention to your wallet!
The salt of RawTransaction hash has changed.

HexString: ff08c0e981f4b6acb63446b31e0c5a9393dba612e85b3056247d92f3e33bd834


Thanks guys. This makes life easier again.

The accountResource has changed as well.
hex: 0116608f05d24742a043e6fd12d3b32735f6bfcba287bea92b28a175cd4f3eee32

Seems like the CLI is still broken as well as I only get BlockMetadata like @yuan-xy

Still broken. Blockmetadata is all what is comming back from the CLI

I think we need a Testnet reset. The latest versions are correct in the cli. But once older versions are queried a blockmetadata object is being returned. Also the balances are reset but the versions are not??

Forget about this. The majority of the transactions are now blockmetadata responses…

Faucet service is not working as expected right. Probably it is down. Hope you guys are looking into this

Seems that this release does has it share of bugs. I just did a run to add funds to our registered wallets and there quite a lot of error happening when transacting in batches

I think faucet work with another network.
Faucet gave me Trx version 663

Not the best release this one…

So the mint faucet was up for a few minutes. Now it’s down again…