Testnet push announcement for 6/5

20200604 (94111d0) release note

List of breaking changes


  1. [move core modules] removing some uses of Transaction::sender from stdlib - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4183
  2. [move core modules] remove old p2p payment script - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4174
  3. [move core modules] removing move_to_sender from stdlib - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4171
  4. [move core modules] remove use of Transaction::sender in association module - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4071
  5. [move core modules] allow rotating base_url of parent VASP - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4110
  6. [move core modules] add_all_currencies parameter for parent/child vasp creation - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4059


  1. [crypto] Renames HashValue::from_sha3_256 to HashValue::sha3_256_of - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4073/


  1. [vm] Report gas used instead of transaction fee in transaction output. - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4080


  1. [network] remove network signing key from smart contracts - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4146/


  1. [types] Add account role resource to the account state blob - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4137


  1. Update api name - https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/4093/