Testnet push announcement for 5/20

Hey all,
We’ve just released a new version 163e20a to testnet. Libra repo testnet branch also updated to this same revision.
This version didn’t introduce breaking change, so database was not wiped.
Testnet should be up and running now.


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So the database was wiped after all, right?
And when it was wiped, could it be, that the default waypoint (the one at https://developers.libra.org/testnet_waypoint.txt) wasn’t updated?

It did introduce a breaking change because now I’m getting a response
"error":{"code":-32000,"data":null,"message":"Server error: malformed utf8"}
to new transactions. Any idea what change causes this?

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Hey all,

Seems genesis changed after the release, so even we didn’t manually wipe the database, it started a new chain. We’ve submitted the PR to update the waypoint https://github.com/libra/website/pull/180.

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I was able to dig out some of the breaking changes from the update:

  • there are new transaction arguments (U8 and U128), those break the serialization, even if you don’t use them
  • the order of the fields in the lbr_type_tag had changed, breaking the serialization
  • The TypeTag enum had a new member, breaking the serialization
  • A currency has to be specified for a the gas in the transaction
  • The compiled move scripts had to be updated

It might be a good idea to separate the libra command line client from the core code in Libra repository and build it completely separately. Now that the reference client re-uses code from the core project, it’s not that clear when you introduce breaking changes for clients. By separating the client, you would be able see when you break the api.


I’d like to build a DAPP and do test with this testnet.
Then the question what’s the url I should connect with?

George wu

Hi, you can connect to testnet on https://client.testnet.libra.org.
See cli tool here: https://github.com/libra/libra/blob/master/scripts/cli/start_cli_testnet.sh
Json-rpc client API: https://github.com/libra/libra/blob/master/json-rpc/json-rpc-spec.md

Thank you.
I am wondering if you can keep multiple version testnet.
Since you wipe out the old version, we have to spend some time to upgrade our code.
Anyway, it is good enough.

george wu

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Hi @aihuawu,

Thanks for the feedback! Our project is still under active development so you will keep seeing breaking changes for a while. However, we’re expecting our code complete sometime mid July, and after that testnet will gets much more stable, and in August we’re going to cut a V1 branch. So hopefully the testing environment will be more friendly to the community soon!

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