Testnet Push Announcement for 4/1

Hey all, we will be pushing a new version of testnet today. Testnet will be down briefly. Will update this post when it’s done.

Thank you!


Push finished. Testnet is on revision c822a4c



What’s new in this version?


I see the mentioned commit (c822a4c) in the git log but it looks like the testnet branch was not advanced to this commit.

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Hi all, testnet branch has been updated to c822a4c as well. New release includes some bug fixes and network changes. You can check it out here https://github.com/libra/libra/commits/testnet


Today I got an error message about invalid length of the public key, yesterday it worked. Any hints on which change causes that? I was using the grpc api.


There are some changes in the LCS, please see details at this commit: https://github.com/libra/libra/commit/b9a97072a62b5f941c041368145fe3ff8e461899


Golang LCS library updated.

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Testnet seems to be updated yesterday and there are many incompatible changes.

I just updated MOL Explorer for these changes.

Seems there are again changes in the api / transaction serialization. I tried to browse through the commits but didn’t manage to find out what causes it to break. Would you @yuan-xy be again kind enough to briefly describe what you had to change?
Sad that the libra project can’t give this information when making new releases.

Libra-client and Libra-core project are updated to version ‘0.8.4’ and ‘0.8.5’ respectively.

Major changes are:

  • allows transaction scripts to have type parameters. peer_to_peer script now needs a type parameter, otherwise the p2p transaction will fail. https://github.com/MoveOnLibra/libra-core/blob/b9d23e2528eefc2e5104ac6db891e7102729dab3/libra/transaction/script.py#L44
  • ContractEvent and LedgerInfo now became enum with ‘V0’ point to inner object.
  • rename validator_public_keys to validator_info, and vadidator_set format changed.
  • Change genesis transaction to WaypointWriteSet
  • mint key is changed because of lcs change
  • proto files have some changes too, for example: ledger_info_with_sigs is changed to lcs bytes instead of protobuf object.
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Thanks! It was the type parameter for the script that was missing from my code :+1:

I’m curious, what is this type tag that is now required for Script? Sending a transaction now works when I add it, but I’d like to understand the purpose of it.
I noticed in the previous update, the RawTransaction also got this in the gasSpecifier field. The transaction cannot be made without these, but the values are constants. Can I do something with the TypeTag or what’s the point in passing constant values to the api?

It’s the <LBR::T> in move language.

0x0::LibraAccount::pay_from_senderLBR::T(payee, auth_key_prefix, amount)

I think the benifits is that you can send other coin with the same pay_from_sender function.

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Ok, that makes sense, I didn’t know they were implementing support for other coin also.
Thanks for the explanation.

Javascript and Golang client library updated. Now works with the latest (Apr.8th) testnet.

hi, after testnet completed, what’s will going up please :pray: