Testnet Push Announcement for 3/25

Hey everyone,

Heads up on testnet update - We will be deploying a new version 3c98d2e at noon PST today. This update includes several breaking changes (below), and the database will be wiped.

Breaking changes:

  1. All internal tools (CLI, integration tests) are migrated to the new JSON-RPC interface. The old gRPC client interface is still available during the transition period. Additional details will be available in announcement post soon. Please stay tuned.
  2. The size of account addresses has changed from 32 bytes to 16 bytes. For clients, the most significant consequence of this change is that account addresses and account authentication keys are no longer the same. Creating a new account now requires a 32 byte authentication key. The account’s address will be the last 16 bytes of this key. Payments to existing accounts can use a 16 byte address. See https://github.com/libra/libra/issues/2764 for more details on this change.
  3. Libra transactions now support two signature schemes: Ed25519 (as before) and K-of-N multisignature with Ed25519 keys. To accommodate this, the format of account authentication keys has changed: an authentication key is derived from sha3(public_key | signature_scheme_id) instead of sha3(public_key). Support for the multisig feature in the Libra client CLI is forthcoming. Other clients that wish to continue using Ed25519 should not need to change anything. See https://github.com/libra/libra/pull/2939 for more details on this change.

Credits: thanks Sherry Xiao for putting together the release note.


The testnet branch doesn’t seem to be updated.

We discovered a node config issue during deployment. We are still working on it. Will post back once resolved.


Hi everyone, testnet is deployed with 3c98d2e. The testnet branch is also updated.