Testnet push annoucement for 4/29

Hi all,

We will be deploying a new version 7c4b87a to testnet . This will include some breaking changes, thus database will be wiped.

We expect the testnet to be down briefly during the update.


Release finished. testnet branch updated to 7c4b87a

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Seems faucet doesn’t have waypoint specified, thus it’s not working. We’re looking into fixing this right now

explorer.moveonlibra.com is updated to run with Testnet 4/29. Major updates:

  • changes the field next_validator_set to next_epoch_info
  • parse all transaction scripts, such as ‘preburn’, ‘burn’, ‘peer to peer with metadata’ etc.
  • only show transactions submited by user at home page, exclude block metadata.

It seems that the docker files were not updated after the waypoint changes. Is it just client/ and mint/ or any other dockerfiles that needs this change?