Testnet Issues for 1/27

We are experiencing a site event and our team of engineers is investigating. Will post updates as this situation unfolds.

The root cause has been identified and we are working on a fix.


Thanks for the update

We’ve been testing a fix and aim to push to testnet today.

Testnet was recovered at 4am without pushing the fix. I will try to replay the transaction at 1pm PST to make sure network was indeed choked with exact same reason as we’ve expected and push the fix afterward.

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Hey everyone, just a heads up we discovered a change in mempool proto while pushing the new testnet version. We will need to blow away the old db.

testnet is back up and running.

New testnet branch (735c721) is also pushed.

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Thank you for the heads up. We’ve completed the reindex and fully synced up at https://LibExplorer.com

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