Testnet deploy starting now

Hello everyone, just a heads up we are deploying a new version to testnet and it will be down for a couple hours. This will include a database wipe.

This will include the previously posted about breaking changes:


Deploy should be all test, initial test looking good. Please reply here with any comments or issues.


Thanks for the update. Libra Checker is now running on the latest testnet.


Hi ,

I tried to mint some libra https://libexplorer.com/faucet with an address already created. Did not succeed. Is that something expected?

Thank you.


Ok, we’ve (https://libexplorer.com/) have made the changes to be compatible with the latest updates.

@kazunn Please give it another try. The faucet and api end-point should be operational now


I was wondering will Libra reward testnet users with mainnet coin’s?

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@VizX The short answer is no, and the longer, more important answer is that the Libra Association relies on all the fantastic work this community of developers is doing on our testnet to help make the Libra Blockchain ready for launch. And ready for developers and businesses to build products and services on top of, so we can all work together to create a truly global, affordable digital payments solution for all. Thanks!