Testnet API documentation

Is there a way to communicate with the libra testnet via some sort of an API or other spec? What if I want to use PHP (or other languages) to create a wallet? How do you do that? Any docs or examples would be appreciated.

What’s up?

i found this in the forum, is there more substantial one online?

Hi @wyattbiker, we use gRPC as our interface to the libra testnet, so you can use that in any language to communicate with testnet. Take a look at admission_control/admission_control_proto/src/proto/admission_control.proto for the interface to a testnet node

Hi could you also point me to a Libra blockchain structure specification? Is it still evolving or are you settled on the spec. -Thanks!

Hi @wyattbiker, can you elaborate what you are asking for here? The developer documentation explains the overall Libra blockchain structure

We recently open source a PHP library that might be useful for you to communicate with Libra api in PHP.