Technical deep-dive // Need help!!!

Hello everyone

I am currently writing an research paper on the technical aspects of the Libra Blockchain etc.

Is there someone who took closer look into the system that could help me figure out some of the implications?

For example, the single versioned data base represents the libra blockchain, however, the protocol is based on the account-based model, from where accounts encode the ledger state. If it comes to transactions, how should I explain the process, once it describes the transaction in the rounds where leader propose the transaction, than there is the transaction execution of the VM, and once the whole lifecycle in the core. How can I explain this in a rational way?

My current structure looks like this

1 Libra Blockchain +key aspects of protocol)
<-( or protocol here)
1.1 The Database
1.2 The Ledger - State ( Account Model??)
1.2.1 Accounts
1.2.2 An Address
1.3 The Transaction System - State Transition
1.3.1 A Transaction
1.3.2 Transaction Execution
1.3.3 Ledger History
1.4 Consensus Algorithm
1.4.1 Libra BFT
1.5 Transition

I would highly appreciate some help on the structure and potential changes to undertake, because I am not sure if this works out that way!