Technical analysis - Opinion needed!

Hello everyone

I am currently trying to analyze the libra blockchain paper in my work, however, I am not sure how to structure it in a logical way.

I would be very happy to receive some feedback and what could be changed on the structure and if something is missing!

1.1 The Libra Blockchain

1.2 Account Address - The State
1.2.1An Address

1.3 Transaction System - State Transition
1.3.1A transaction
1.3.2 The Ledger State
1.3.3 The Database

1.4 Move programming language
1.4.1 Resources and Modules
1.4.2 Move VM

1.5 The Libra Protocol
1.5.1 BFT
1.5.2 Libra BFT

1.6 Transition

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