Supply Chain Platform

Hi everybody,

A lot of questions, apologies, I am new here as well with Novi, Diem and Move.

Diem Payment Networks interfaces with other Diem Payment Networks? Child DPN?

Any projects for Enterprise Supply Chain Platforms using Move?

Regional or Country size DPNs may be an answer to issues that may appear with local currency, local governments rules, and local costumes adaptation.

Local commerce, familiar farming, neighbor trading, small business and circular economy implementation will benefit from micro DPNs connected to regional or country DPNs.

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Dear David hi, Smart idea on the concept of supply-chain with adaptive features for the reliable region carriers appointed…

I can relate to the concept especially were agricultural and home appliances and certain types of tools or equipments…

I will make a note on these as it has wide potentials under a lockdown or pandemic era…


Hello Nokomy

The idea is to have a private or a public/private Enterprise to govern the small business, informal trading and specially the rural country organizing the family farming business. Designed for Africa, will accelerate its development.
We are from Angola, and are in the process of starting a company to develop the platform in blockchain.
We have comparing available platforms, Substrate and Polkadot, Hyperledger at Oracle and IBM, some NoCode offers like Joget, but after reading more on Diem, if allowed, we will use DPN. Facebook is widely spread over Africa.
The help of this community is very important, please give us some inputs and guide us on the “how to start”.
Please help captivate the community for this topic, specially to have support building a group of Move developers.
Thank you

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Dear David hi, Nice hearing about these drive and focus on the Diem platform…
I will need details on the areas of focus and specialists in your team and direction relative to current trends so we could approach the Diem Platform Governance and state our case for upscaling and implementation, then launch after an exhaustive test phase between your region and other global markets and ours(i.e. looking at current reality trends and case studies from Diem).

Looking at the Diem Platform integration with other crypto-currencies and accepted fiat global currency in relationship with our brand and our release module into their market space, we need to comply with financial regulatory affairs and global Trade regulators…after all that transpired with the overall boss at the USA congressional hearings, I believe it best we steer of trouble waters.

I believe we as Diem Platform has already started out with successful release of Celo and etc…

We need to brace ourselves and be prepared in all aspect for what the governance and special team will advise us as per global release date… However regional test phase operations could be used as test reports to guide eventual goals.

This are entirely my take and position on these issues confronting us as a brand and our position against regional financial regulatory controls…I expect most government will engage us based on key areas which they seek help in their economy, and that we can deliver.