Suggestions for Starting a Local MeetUp Group?

Hi, I’m thinking of starting a local MeetUp group for Libra and begin having events to share with my local community.

What would you suggest as ideas/topics to share on a 1st event?

Is there anyone in here already doing something like that? What experiences do you have?

I’m personally a member of some local Meetups groups such as “Agile Develpment” and “UX Design”. These kind of events are becoming pretty popular in here, and I believe it would be a good idea to get more people involved by doing this.

At this moment, since we’re currently still under lockdown due to the Coronavirus issue, all the events are being held via Zoom. Is there any idea of holding an event like this online for Libra?

For those near me who would also want to help, I live in Asunción, Paraguay - (Mercosur area).

Please share your thoughts!

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Dear Friend,
I have a similar project in :mauritius: Mauritius. I think people are aware and do not know and do not want to get involved into the complication of Bitcoin etc. There is a big job to do to evolve and popularised libra. With the experience aquire through the developer community and experiences in games mining and bots on Telegram and affiliation pragramme and attached links it is possible to organised meeting and Crypto clubs and create a momentum through a small group by education.
I stated quite some time ago a FB group which numbers 280 members locally and internationally. I select videos and information and and information from libra apps that I send them regularly. But I think personal contact and small meeting from our places and community centres will raise the chance to forme a community.
This is an old idea of mine that need experimenting. Keep in touch and share your thoughts.


Harold Marie
:mauritius: Libra Mauritius.

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