Step by step to deploy Move

Hi all,

I am just start to read about Libra.
Just thinking about if we have someone trying to create a small project and guild step by step how to deploy to Libra network.
I will save alot of time for developler.
Thank you!


easiest way at the moment is for you to copy your *.mvir to libra/language/functional_tests/tests/testsuite/modules directory and run cargo test -p functional_tests modules

Hope that helps.

The testnet won’t let you load third-party Move modules yet. You can start a local testnet via cargo run -p libra_swarm -- -s, but that client doesn’t include a command for loading Move bytecode. Looks like that’d be a nice contribution.

In the meantime, you can experiment with Move within the source tree using the technique @geneidy described.