[Startup edulibra.org] Education platform base on Libra blockchain

Hi all,

http://edulibra.org is live now!

We are currently start to create a platform that can provide the education platform and base on Libra blockchain.

ideas are:

Short term project:

  1. Create online education platform for Libra community and investor of Libra network. This project will focus on how to create the online course. Tracking the progress of course. Training base on skills for learning material.
  2. Store all the result of user on the Libra blockchain.
  3. Provide the education SAAS on the Libra blockchain: User, company, school can init they system and start the online education.
  4. Testing system.
  5. Exam system.
  6. Rubric management: Provide the service to store the score of student.
  7. Certificate validation: Provide the service that can help to validate the Certificate

Long term project

  1. K12 system
  2. Student Information System: Provide saas platform for the university.
  3. anti-fraud examination

User can buy the online course or student can payment the tuition fees by using

  1. Libra coin
  2. Edulibra token.
  3. Another cryptocurrency like: BTC, ETH …

Very good if we can become a Libra node

Now we need more members to join this team:

  1. Marketing team members.
  2. Libra Move devs
  3. Nodejs, Reactjs Devs

This is a opensource project.
Source code will be public soon at address: https://github.com/edulibra

Why education platform:

  1. We don’t have some Education platform really success before on the blockchain technology.
  2. The Libra blockchain Community will very big. If they have something to share, share on our platform.
  3. Community, university, high schools … will use Libra to pay the fee.

If you want to join with us, please give reply this topic with your contact info.

Note that: We will not raising any fund at this time. your help is very importance but please wait until we release first version.
Just need members to join the team. We will trying to work hard for get production first.


Is this official from “Libra Association”? May I just looking around for now?

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::coffee:


This is not official from “Libra Association” Our team trying to work hard to get support from “Libra Association”.

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cuando sea oficial me sumo


A lot of work need to be done right now.
But I hope can receipt the support from Official of Libra Association.

Feel free to give us a comment.


Libra is a challenging currency to launch. We need education, but we need more to start a demonstration account as simulator to initiate developers before ordinary people to use Libra. Libra will count more on developers who will help to make Libra a custom currency. We need to see Libra in all Human Languages!



But Libra stills need the ecosystem.
Some developers want to help to improve the currency.
Another one want to build the ecosystem, the product.

We want to focus on ecosystem more.


Well in all honesty, this is a great idea and it would make more impact if this project can get the support of the Libra Association.
Of course, education is a very important aspect of our societal life, as such, this project will play a pivotal role in the scheme of things around the Globe.

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Please give us a idea or vote for the domain onchaindemy.com at topic: [onchaindemy.com] is good for education on blockchain

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I’m interested in becoming a Libra node, please kindly make available the needful educational resources.

More so, I want to join the marketing team members voluntarily from Abuja Nigeria, I have strong network to leverage on.

Email: john-n@mga-groupe-ltd.com
Phone: +2348037380156

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I suggests (libracademy.com) as the educational domain


Hello, good idea about edu and libra, do you have any part of the project in php and mysql ?
Thank you for your time in write me.


For now, the dev team working on Nodejs, Reactjs, mongodb, redis to get first version.
After that, we will have plan to support another language.

Thank you!

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ok, great. Thank you for write me.

why would you want to store all of the user data on the chain?

WhatsApp number: +2348037380156
Skype: ikechukwu.nwakpu

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Regarding to Nodejs, I think I can help.
Please let us know if there is anything I can contribute.


Yes, We have plan to do it, @Rain00asia

I want to booking and buy libra coin from where can I get ?

That is a cool idea. I would like to follow it. Just a question: Is the Libra stablecoin the official currency of the plataform or you will launch a token in the Libra Blockchain also called Libra? The latter would be rather confusing…

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