Start a revolution -- Airdrop GlobalCoin

I dare you guys to airdrop GC to every user of facebook, instagram, WAP, paypal, uber, visa/mc, etc. I mean it still would pale in comparison to what CSW/DK/HAL and Bear did. But you gotta start somewhere. Good luck Zuck. Do the right thing.


The name should be libra not globalcoin anymore!


Given that each Libra is backed by a reserve basket of actual currencies, I don’t think giving them away for free is on the cards.

To make it clear, let’s postulate that each Libra at launch is worth USD$10 as defined by the reserve. To give one away for free to each user would be giving away $10 - the inherent value of the Libra is set by actual assets; it’s not like BTC or ETH in that sense.