Showcase on Libra?

Hi all,

Would it be an idea to have a showcase section on the site of Libra? Testnet usage and development is growing and there are a lot of people spending time on developing libraries, apps, wallets and explorers for Libra. And right now we only have a “what I have made” section in this community. And therefore these projects are quite hard to find.

I am proposing this idea mainly because I think it is needed that Libra shows it is not just the facebook coin and that Libra and Calibra are two different things. It would help to show that there is a growing dev community that actually is creating things that are not facebook related. It could help changing the perception of Libra and that something that is very much needed

Thanks for the post, and that’s a good suggestion! We’ve been considering different ways to showcase all the great projects the community is working on. Stay tuned!


Will definitely stay tuned. Good to hear that you are working on it

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