Sequence number

I have done 2 transactions with Alice’s account.
After I have done transaction #1 with Alice’s account “query sequence 0” return “sequence number 256”.
After transaction #2 “query sequence 0” return “sequence number 512”.
It seems as sequence number steps by 256.
Anyway the command “query txn_acc_seq 0 <sequence_number> true” only works if I use sequence number 0 or 1 (like if sequence number truly increment by 1 starting from 0).
If I try “query txn_acc_seq 0 256 true” the response is “Error getting committed transaction by account and sequence number: Server returned no transactions while it should. Seq num requested: 256, latest seq num in ledger: 512”.
If this can help…

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Seems your client may be out of date, try get latest and rebuild your client.