Search Engine for Libra Testnet (Still in Beta)

Check it out .
Run lookups or ad-hoc queries, conditional searches, aggregations on any Libra transactions.

For example you can find out largest 10 transactions using this query:

get largest 10 transactions based on value order by value desc

or txs greater than a certain amount:

get transactions for today where value > 10000 order by value desc


Keep us posted !
Questions :

  • are you aggregating tx into your own ddbb or you are querying the ledger each time
  • if first option, do you plan to save testnet history forever ? at what cost for you ?

Cheers !

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Yes we are maintaining a secondary index of all Libra transactions, currently the data is kept for 30 days only (tesnet) and expires automatically to control the cost of storage. But we are planning to keep all transactions once Libra goes mainnet. We don’t query the Ledger when you submit a query… All queries go against our index which allows us to run adhoc aggregations, conditionals, etc.

Will keep community posted,

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ok so any query done with your system will have a native restrictions “from last 30 days”.
questions will arise if next reset of the testnet will be in ~50 days, then some info will be missed

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Correct. Data older than 30 days wont be available. We assign TTL (time to live) for every indexed transactions (which is configurable) and currently it is at 30 days. We can change if needed to longer or indefinite…I doubt anyone would be searching for tx longer than 30 days on a testnet, but if we get requests for longer TTL we will do so…

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