Hey guys is this genuine?

Hi @FiliphCampos. No, the only only official Libra site is No Libra Coins have been issued, and the Libra Association is not currently involved in any offering of Libra Coins.

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They scammed me… i did not check to much details . Lucky you . It looked really- all libra links are in

that website … its good i tried with few dollars.

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ifound this one i dont know whether it is scam?

Well it looks like I just got scammed out of $750 dollars. From how can Facebook advertise a scam site for its own coin? I bought it with bitcoin from Coinbase. Is there anything I can do??? I worked really hard for that money.

Well it looks like I just got scammed

Hi, I got scammed as well.

they hooked me up using a facebook add and on follwing the link took me to this link

The site looked legit until you pay attention. By the time you pay a bit of attention the transiction had already gone through. Sigghhhh

Not sure how FB are allowing these adds.

Yea these bastards got me too. Kicking myself for not paying closer attention before it was too late.