Hey guys is this genuine?

Hi @FiliphCampos. No, the only only official Libra site is No Libra Coins have been issued, and the Libra Association is not currently involved in any offering of Libra Coins.

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They scammed me… i did not check to much details . Lucky you . It looked really- all libra links are in

that website … its good i tried with few dollars.

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ifound this one i dont know whether it is scam?

Well it looks like I just got scammed out of $750 dollars. From how can Facebook advertise a scam site for its own coin? I bought it with bitcoin from Coinbase. Is there anything I can do??? I worked really hard for that money.

Well it looks like I just got scammed

Hi, I got scammed as well.

they hooked me up using a facebook add and on follwing the link took me to this link

The site looked legit until you pay attention. By the time you pay a bit of attention the transiction had already gone through. Sigghhhh

Not sure how FB are allowing these adds.