San Francisco Meetup?

Anyone in the Bay Area interested in a meetup? I’m in SF and would love to connect!


Hi there @geneidy, I’m on the Libra team and I would be more than happy to help you set up an SF meetup. We’re out in Menlo Park, but would be great to see if other people are interested. I can ask other people on the team if they’re interested in joining the meetup.


Hi @ladi! Would love to start helping bringing together the community in the Bay Area. We can organize something down in the peninsula if that is more convenient to those interested :slight_smile:

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At HQ in MPK and would definitely be interested in a meetup! Ping me @Daniel Adkins.


Let me see what we can do. I’ll get on it next week. @danny, I’ll hit you up on workplace


Good idea! I would like to join.
Is there any schedule now?

Based in SF. Yes, would be interested!

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Love the idea! looking forward to more updates on the meetup!

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Hi @ladi, @danny, I’ve been the organizer of the Silicon Valley Facebook Developer meetup. The Facebook Credits event was a highlight back in 2011 with Reshma Khilnani, Josh Constine, Mark Rose, Suchit Dash, et al: I’d be interested in organizing a meetup on Libra as well.

Hi @ladi - I work out of Node in SF - I’d be interested to organize Libra meetups there. Any help or suggestions from your side would be ideal.


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Great idea! I really interested in the meetup.

Absolutely need a meetup (SIG) in the Bay area. I am in South Bay (San Jose area) and would like to have one here. SF is way too far. Will Libra team help us here?

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