Running a "full" private network

Hi, we’d like to start playing around with Move and creating sample apps. Though:

  • it is not possible to deploy Move Modules on the testnet yet
  • running a single node does not persist chain data across restarts (at least by default), and anyway it’s not really suitable for running e.g. on a Cloud VM.

So, we’re wondering if there’s an official way for running a private network with e.g. 4 validator nodes, with which we can really start tasting Libra’s flavor.

We found some resources on how to do that on AWS via Terraform, but they seem outdated / no longer working.



@39otrebla Thanks so much for your question. At this time, you can only run a single node test network locally. Docs are here: We’ll be releasing more docs soon, so keep checking back!

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If your main interest is experimenting with Move, you might want to check out the Move CLI. This is a tool for publishing Move modules and executing Move scripts locally without a validator node. It uses the filesystem as a persistent data store and stores resources/modules in a directory structure that mimics the shape of on-chain storage. You can either run on an empty state with no modules, or use/build on top of Libra’s core modules (the docs should show how to do both).

This is a new tool that’s still under heavy development and might be a bit rough around the edges, but will hopefully still be useful to you. Let us know if you have questions or run into issues!

Thank you @sam, that’s super useful. We’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I would like to run a private network on my own hardware. Is there documentation that describes how to do this?

The cluster-tests hint at the possibility of this but I cannot find much in the form of documentation on how to run the cluster tests on my own hardware.