Real-Time Account Transaction Data

In order to give a company ultimate transparency… is it possible to have a company web-page being fed real-time transaction record data of the account, including date, time, transaction amount & account total. I expect it can be done but would like to know if I am heading down a dead end.

The closest thing I have found in finance otherwise is from Moneris who offers API into transaction totals.

Hi @daVinci, this is something that we are hoping to introduce soon. Stay tuned for our upcoming roadmap

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Oh I realize I should of added. The web-page is openly public. You may of thought I had mean’t internal. I literally mean ultimately transparent, by keeping back only the names or anything that identifies the exact source of the funds.

I may be misunderstanding what you’re asking for. We do plan to have a way for participants who are not validators to be able to get real-time transaction data

Finance traditionally has not allowed for individuals or companies to share real-time transaction data with the general public. Not a single API exists anywhere which allows you to do that, because all pulls of data require authentication keys.

The final piece of my current puzzle requires a page to pull real-time data upon refresh of the page.

Literally I am building the most transparent business accounting imaginable. And I am praying this is where I find that last piece I have been hunting for in the past 5 years.

And if you don’t plan on it already.

Please think how much trust it develops between people. It would be a competitive edge.