Proto file error

I wanted to update the proto files to new versions but there seems to be a problem. When generating the proto files, I get the following error “mempool_status.MempoolAddTransactionStatus” is not defined.
Looking into the source I see that mempool.MempoolAddTransactionStatus mempool_status = 3; has been changed to mempool_status.MempoolAddTransactionStatus mempool_status = 3;. This seems to cause the error as mempool is defined but mempool_status is not

Replace “shared/mempool_status” with “mempool_status”.

You can refer to this file in libra-client project.

find . -name *.proto | xargs cp -t …/libra-client/proto/
cd …/libra-client/
rpl “shared/mempool_status” “mempool_status” proto/mempool.proto

Thanks a lot for your reply