Problema para instalar Rust

Welcome to Libra!

This script will download and install the necessary dependencies needed to
build Libra Core. This includes:
* Rust (and the necessary components, e.g. rust-fmt, clippy)
* CMake, protobuf, go (for building protobuf)

If you’d prefer to install these dependencies yourself, please exit this script
now with Ctrl-C.

Proceed with installing necessary dependencies? (y/N) > y
Installing Rust…
./scripts/ línea 71: curl: orden no encontrada
./scripts/ línea 73: /home/usuario/.cargo/env: No existe el archivo o el directorio

Working with Ubuntu 18.04, git and yum installed and apt-get
Thank you

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Hi, just checked is OK
did you installed curl ?

orden no encontrada = command not found

You haven’t install curl or installed path not correct.

Are you mainly on Windows os ?
Instead, I would suggest you refer to “Facebook Libra on Windows is easy”

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