Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithm Support

Has Diem Team considered supporting PQC algorithms in Diem? I found that currently used Ed25519 public key is 32-bytes size, but key sizes in PQC algorithms are much larger than 32 bytes. If Diem will support PQC algorithms in the future, how to solve the key size and key storage problems?

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Another question: Diem supports multi-signatures, and only supports ed25519 now. If Diem support PQC algorithms in the future, will it allow different parties in multi-signatures system to use different signature algorithms? In post-quantum cryptography, there are several kinds of algorithms, which are based on different mathematical problems, such as multivariate and lattice. If these two kinds of algorithms can be used in the same round of multi-signature process, how can they compatible with each other?

I am not a Coder but just a Diem Developer Do you mean that futurist Quantum Computors hardware will use a special programing algorithm and your question is whether the Diem system provided will adapt the new technology of Quantum computer language?
Anyway we will need to adapt.
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:mauritius: Diem Mauritius


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You can visit the page of NIST to get the background information of post-quantum cryptography. I summary it here:

  • The research of quantum computers is pushing forward rapidly.
  • A large scale quantum computer can break many public key cryptosystems currently used (like those based on factoring and ellipse curve) by applying Shor’s algorithm and Grover’s algorithm, which are both quantum algorithms.
  • So we need new algorithms based on other mathematical hard problems to protect our data and network.
  • NIST has initiated a process to solicit, evaluate, and standardize one or more quantum-resistant public-key cryptographic algorithms. And The Round 3 candidates were announced July 22, 2020.

If Diem is used worldwide in the future, the underlying cryptography algorithms will need to adapt the quantum era, which will introduce a number of problems, like the key size problem and multi-signature problem above.

In total, what I want to ask is whether the cryptography algorithms in Diem can be upgraded when needed.


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