Please update documentation: Run a Local Validator Node

The webpage My First Transaction
should not be allowed to contain any errors. New developers who are curious about Libra Core
should be able to rely on the correctness of “gettting started”-type documentation.

From what I can tell, the libra_swarm package has been renamed to libra-swarm .
But the documentation still uses the old name.

Please update the documentation to correctly match this change, lest new developers
will rage quit any attempt to get a local node up and running.

Also, it seems to me that the package generate_keypair wasa also changed to generate-keypair

Thanks to the Libra team for all their hard work.

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Thanks, the request has been queued!


Just found this while working through docs, still not updated

It’s not a good look.
Quite frankly, it gives the impression of being understaffed. Let’s hope it gets fixed soon
to avoid further frustration. :grinning: