Please I like to know how long is going to take Calibra to move Libra from Centralized to completely decetralized ecosystem

Decentralize as soon as possible

concordo afinal só se for essa mais nada centralizado foi bom

They will never decentralize Libra. This is the new global reserve currency, like the IMF COIN that we all thought would happen when the dollar crashed, they have had this in there plans for a long time and I’m not convinced that the fed and gov was the creator of bitcoin and crypto to instill trust in a new currency and faith something needed for a currency to strive and survive, so the answer is no, Libra will never be decentralized, always centralized to have control, like (XRP) the bankers coin on steroids, they plan on making it the next global reserve dollar and currency, a digital currency that they have planned long ago , haven’t you seen the ecominst magizine with the Phoenix rising from the ashes of US dollars with a crypto currency coin on his neck like a necklace or medallion? Yes that was the rothchilds telling us in advance a new world currency is comming and that was the cover of the September 1988 economists magizine owned by the correct 1% shadow gov and family the rothchikds, , they knew then, jason scott