Paper Wallet?

Will there be a paper wallet for users that do not trust keeping Libra in online “connected” wallets?


The Libra specification doesn’t say anything about online storage, it generates a private-public pair just like every other chain.


Why? It’s a stable coin, not an investment.


Ideas of where developers can take it. Some people may like to keep financial stuff offline.


The idea of a paper wallet is good Anyone wou ld like to have his fund offline and secured in his purse. Maybe the issuing of an electronic card system like visa or mastercard would be interesting.


Hello Mardoche and my fellow Libra faithful…
I believe and am testing the possibility of Libra providing commodity assets for the Agricultural sector in my country…
Most Africans are best known to accept more of what we are familiar with and so we don’t take to newer concepts freely…however with guidance,training on hand how to adapt,profitably; that relationship with trust would be easily embraced.

The equipments for farming are mainly old tractors in the face of advanced technology and techniques, drones and more modern product predicted outputs and sales.
So I am looking at situation were investors from would provide funds to acquire agricultural robots and processing equipment and these equipment would be valued and provided at rate negotiated for communities farmers to use and enhance there farming yields and the same placed on the commodity exchange would be valued in Libra and Aquar coins and these would provide basis for LIBRA in the commodities markets trading in Nigeria and every other country that signs up for the project and we have to ensure we the management of the process pays off the funders and repeat the process for increase returns on the investment…
The Funds are protected and the Equipments are also insured and upgrades and modifications agreements, these allows for LIBRA Association and the Libra coins with the Libra Blockchain to maintain excellent reputation and influence agricultural products outcome at the market place. I was hoping @Agryo and @Avensi* would be ready for the next phase of Libra growth.
The provision of these planned approach would enhance and impact the agricultural sector using the platform of Agrigators and Agricultural Co-operatives. Please send in your reactions and ideas.