Outbox: an alternative way to store resources

Hello everyone!
I have been developing (as a part of TaoHe) an alternative way to store resources into an account. I call it “Outbox”, analogous to old office outboxes we used to have on our (physical) desktops.

It currently looks like this: Outbox.move · GitHub (it passes the tests)

Next I am going to write convenience functions as script functions (and add more test cases and formal verification).

Major benefit of this approach is that a third party can pay for resources. It also gives flexibility on how to store resources, and where (this would make “accountless design” possible, a design paradigm I’ve been brainstorming, will write more on that later).

@sam What do you think, could this be beneficial to the Diem project? If so, I would gladly write a version of this according to Diem’s Move style and practices.