[onchaindemy.com] My team need a Talent Dev join and working on libra smart contract

Hi all,

Relate the topic: [Startup edulibra.org] Education platform base on Libra blockchain

My team hope that onchaindemy.com [stills wait to go live] will become the first ecosystem build on Libra Blockchain and edulibra.org token is first token of Libra after the main net go live.

We need a Technical leader join my team to working on Libra smart contract.

  • Store Structure of online syllabus to the Libra Smart Contract.
  • Store Rubric, Skills belong the Syllabus (course) to the smart contract
  • Store Progess, Score on Smart contract
  • Issue edulibra token on Libra Smart Contract.

Please send me a message if you interested on this work.

Hope that the ICO time can be come very soon!..

Thank you!

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Syllabus, Rubric, Skills, Score in a Smart Contract, why? Storing (a reference to) the final certificate makes sense. But that exists already. Iā€™d really create a whitepaper before trying to get people on board.

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Hi @ice09

Hope you are well,
Humm, We know the how the white paper important.
And we have a whitepaper but we will public when ICO time is coming.

Thank for your comment. and We hope to get in touch more with you
again, thank you a lot!

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