Nodejs graphql api for libra


I have made this graphql api in nodejs, this is the endpoint to consume the api

You can visit this url to play around with graphql playground.

There are 4 queries - queryByAddress, queryBySequenceNumber, querySentEvents, and queryReceivedEvents.

And there are 3 mutations - createAccount, mintCoin, and transferMoney.

Documentation for using the api will be coming soon.

Thank you.

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what about subscriptions ?

Haven’t had it yet. I will add this in the plan for new functionality.

does it means i will be able to just subscribe to a an account/address and be informed when that address receives a transaction ?

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Yes, it means that. I plan to add it soon.

Subscription is added. The subscription named “receivedCoins” accepts a receiver address as argument and return signed transaction.

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when i want to test the app i get this on firefox

I used chrome and it works fine. Could you try it on chrome and see if this issue still happen?

I have tested on firefox and also ms edge, it works fine on both. This picture is on firefox.


also in safari , will start playing

Finally, I have finished documentation for the libra graphql api. Here is the link to the documentation.

API endpoint:

Example wallet that consumes the libra graphql api: